How Much Is A Yellow Card Fine In Professional Football

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The book in advanced of him is an annual of a division with the Richmond Tigers in the Australian Football League. It is adamantine to apperceive with Jonny Cooper whether the apprehend is for business or pleasure. But today he is attractive airy and unburdened.

Role of the Soccer Officials or Footbal Referees
Role of the Soccer Officials or Footbal Referees

An introvert, by his own admission, he will accommodate absorbing and agreeable aggregation for the abutting brace of hours. 

“Sometimes you’re sitting in the circle,” he animadversion about the Dublin band at one point, “and you’re wondering, ‘Jeez, how did I get in here?'”

Who knows how he got there bigger than him, yet he will consistently ask himself that catechism because it in his attributes to be consistently delving.

“Sometimes you feel like a bit of an impostor,” he tries to explain. “I am actual lucky, the breadth I am from and the club I am from, Na Fianna; they accord you so abounding acceptable ethics and groundings over the years. So you can booty banal of area you are now and appearance a bit of gratitude.”

And he speaks of the arbitrary attributes of that alteration from fan to amateur and, invariably, aback to fan again. He has aloof won his sixth All-Ireland chief medal, and been absolved the role of villain of the allotment by cavity of a epitomize – which offered the adventitious of exonerating himself afterwards the fatigued bout dismissal.

He talks, in a karmic fashion, about things accident for a reason. Alike the darkest episodes of his life.

And alike the bleakest of those, aback the victim of a knife advance in Dublin in September, 2014, still sees him chronicle it aback to football in some catholic way. He will absolutely accept that it afflicted his life. Fundamentally afflicted him. “Ah, 100%,” he says. “100%.”

That adventure was a cardinal moment and the added access which pervades abundant of this chat is his mother, Loyola, he actuality the youngest of four to her and Brendan.

His mother’s ancestor was a founding affiliate of Na Fianna in 1955 and Cooper’s granduncle, Simon Deignan, played for Cavan in the Polo Grounds. On that ancillary of the ancestors there existed a able assignment belief and a affection for football, both of which rubbed off on Jonny Cooper.

“I bethink afterwards the bold (All-Ireland final replay) Dec Darcy active up to me. I was in advanced of the Hill and I saw a account of the two of us afterwards and the Hill was abaft us and over my appropriate accept as you’re attractive at the account that’s area me and Mam acclimated to consistently stand,” he said.

“The aforementioned atom every time. And aback you’re attractive at the photo, I am in the beginning here, but in the accomplishments is that anamnesis of actuality up there, singing forth and all that array of stuff. Maybe I’ll go aback there one day.”

The ancient memories of afterward the Dubs are a brume of influences: Meath, Kildare, Ollie Murphy. He and his mother would biking with a august devotion, like approved Mass-goers.

“We would accept gone to the aforementioned atom – as you’re looking, to the right. It is altered now, there’s barriers now, but it was a bank at the time. I acclimated to abatement comatose a lot of the times at games. I’d be sitting on the bank and Mam would be abaft me, captivation me, so I didn’t abatement over,” said Cooper.

“So acutely I wasn’t that absorbed if I was falling asleep! It’s funny. I sometimes anticipate of that: you were comatose on the Hill in advanced of a absolutely arranged abode and a absolutely blatant atmosphere.

“Even admitting (brothers) Niall and Mark and my sister (Jules) were mad into it, a lot of time it acclimated to be me and Mam.

“That’s the band we would accept had on the football ancillary of it, we’d go to Dublin amateur together, she’d accept taken me, and she’d accept taken others as able-bodied at altered times, but it acclimated to be us two a lot of the time.

“We’d be there at 12 o’clock. The aboriginal ones in the door. The turnstiles would open. Egg sandwiches in the bag. Aforementioned routine. Watch the accessory match. Aforementioned spot. All the latecomers appear in. Get in your way. That’s why I acclimated to sit on the wall, so I’d be able to accept a ablaze angle point.”

Jonny Cooper was a accomplished bifold amateur who won an All-Ireland ‘A’ casting badge in 2006 with Dublin Colleges and a accessory casting bigoted badge the afterward year. But football, already the canton came knocking, swept him in one direction.

In 2010, he was captain of the Dublin under-21 aggregation beneath Jim Gavin and Declan Darcy but aggravating to get on to the chief band became a difficult acquirements curve. Activity into aboriginal 2011 he connected arena with a accept that bare an operation to see if he would get a alarm from Pat Gilroy.

In March, he abdicate cat-and-mouse and had the operation. The rehabbing that followed kept him active and his apperception occupied.

He is able of adage that he was not acceptable abundant then. The appearance arrangement was adamant with Dublin aggravating to acquisition the animate and accuracy bare to win an All-Ireland.

“Football-wise I wasn’t acceptable abundant at the time but I would accept anticipation that I had a acceptable assignment belief and that I could accept added to the mix in some way,” he says.

“Did I anticipate I’d comedy (for Dublin)? I consistently capital to. I consistently had the affection and the drive and the conduct to do some added things in the accomplishments that hopefully one day it would be account it.

“And afresh boring but absolutely I began to get a brace of amateur actuality and there in 2012 beneath Pat (Gilroy). That array of fizzled out. In 2013, Jim comes in.

“I knew Jim for a brace of arrears years so that gave me a little added bit of aplomb but like annihilation with Jim it has to be earned. And you accept to go through the accomplished process.”

Being quiet and clandestine larboard him activity additionally borderline aback he wasn’t accepting game-time. His aplomb sank. But he says there was a absolute element.

“I was absolutely abiding aback I wasn’t arena in 2012 that this was what I capital to do. So it affectionate of activated me a little bit. Because I was pushed abroad a little bit, it activated me to see whether I had that absolute ballast central me; is this what you want, is this what you are accommodating to cede it all for? Thankfully, the acknowledgment was yes,” he said.

When it wasn’t accident for him in 2011, he batten with Gavin and Darcy.

“I anticipate Dec alleged me actually, I was sitting up in the library in DCU and I bethink seeing the name beam up and I hadn’t talked to him in about a year I’d say, aback the antecedent year, 2010, with the under-21s.

“He said, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ He was aggravating to get at why aren’t you playing, what’s the story? And I said, ‘Look, I’m trying, accomplishing some actuality in the background, but I’m not what’s appropriate I guess’.

“And I was bouncing actuality off Jim about the time, what do you anticipate I could do, I apperceive you are not involved, but what do you anticipate Pat adeptness like, or be absorbed in? They were actual good.

“I anticipate they came to me first. And afresh afterwards activity bottomward to watch them in Croke Park (winning the 2011 All-Ireland final) I anticipate I concluded up activity out training the abutting morning because I knew the 30-odd guys that were my absolute competitors weren’t activity to be training and I was aggravating to get the bend there, in my own baby way.”

Sin bins coming to grassroots football from this season ...
Sin bins coming to grassroots football from this season …

* * * * *

The adverse 2011 final was area it would all change for Dublin and football in general. In the canicule advanced Jonny Cooper was in a dither. Would he break or would he go? He was added absorbed to stay. His mother put him right.

“I bethink saying, ‘I am not activity Mam’. She said, ‘You accept to go. You accept to abutment the team’. But I said, ‘I can’t do it’, in a actual egocentric way, ‘I can’t do it because I capital to be there’. In a altered way.”

You acquainted you could be out there?

“I didn’t deserve to be out there but I capital to be out there. Ah look, I accept massive account for all those bodies that played but I aloof would accept acquainted that, God I knew a few of them like Maccer (James McCarthy) and Rory (O’Carroll) personally, I would accept acquainted like I capital it to be me so bad that actuality that abutting to it I don’t apperceive was that the best affair for me at the time. Should I aloof break at home?

“I can’t bethink the exact words (what she said) but it was article like, ‘You’re not not going’, you are activity as a adherent like anybody else.”

He went. “When they won it, Stephen (Cluxton) at the end, who I would accept accepted from school, with him accepting been our teacher, and he kicked that and, I don’t know, it was a alloyed bag of emotions.

“I was acutely happy. But while amidst by bags you adeptness as able-bodied accept been continuing there on your own. I didn’t absolutely embrace any added person.”

In 2012, he fabricated the squad, had a run of alliance amateur and afresh played aloof 15 account of the championship, in the Leinster quarter-final adjoin Louth. He remembers the 2012 Leinster final and actuality handed a jersey with 33 on its aback (“a badge jersey”) which he would accumulate with the others and use at times as a provocation.

“But he says he “deserved” to be in that position because he “didn’t accept abundant in me, footballing-wise I didn’t accept abundant in me”.

The ambiance wasn’t ambiguous that way. “When it comes to arena adjoin addition inter-county aggregation you can’t be putting banal on a guy who’s acceptable at advice or a guy that’s acceptable at account a game. He has to do the business and the job,” he said.

“But Pat (Gilroy) was actual accessible with me in agreement of acquirements and aback he larboard that was a bit of a alteration because I acquainted I was alone accepting to apperceive him, and he was accepting to apperceive me, alike admitting I knew Jim actual able-bodied and it formed out well. I met Pat aback he left, afresh to try to get some feedback. And he was actual acceptable to me with his time.”

What he heard didn’t appear as account to him either. His anatomy wasn’t able abundant and there was an affair about his “game intelligence” or bold awareness.

“When you are in the trenches the aftermost brace of years you anatomy up that banal of knowledge, what to do, what not to do, acutely that comes with acquaintance but at the aforementioned time Rory O’Carroll went beeline in. James McCarthy went beeline in. Guys do it and accept done it. I abominably wasn’t one of them bodies that had that adeptness to accomplish that alteration as quick as they would have.”

He can bethink the aboriginal anytime training session, or trial, beneath Gavin about a dozen years ago on the all-weather angle at St Brigid’s.

“I congenital up that compassionate I assumption with him. At the aforementioned time I’d like to anticipate there was no leg-up accustomed to me at the start. I’d like to anticipate I was at the aforementioned akin as anybody else. I accept to acquire every jersey. Still do.”

* * * * *

Having fabricated the aggregation in 2013 and won an All-Ireland medal, Cooper was allotment of the alone championship defeat beneath Gavin, aback Donegal begin agreeable channels in their backline the afterward year in the semi-final. In September, weeks later, the knife advance as he absolved home on Dublin’s Dorset Street afterwards a night out, affronted his activity upside down.

“It’s funny, to booty it aback to the football ancillary of things, on reflection, I didn’t do abundant assignment or alertness activity into Donegal and the position I played, six, was a appropriate acumen why they got so abundant success on the day.

“And afresh you absent and you go out the anniversary afterwards maybe or the anniversary of the All-Ireland, I’m not abiding absolutely what weekend it fell on, and the acumen why you’re there is because you didn’t do abundant work.

“And afresh at the aforementioned time your ego is absolutely big at this stage, you anticipate you’re invincible, you’re not accomplishing abundant about the club, you’re not giving aback too much. And afresh article like that happens. It’s apparently not appropriate to say you adapted it but at the aforementioned time I do accept some things appear for a reason. I got pulled aback bottomward a acceptable few pegs aback that happened.”

He struggled with the absorption it created, actuality absorbed to shy abroad from accessible analysis as abundant as possible. “I bethink a guy in a car afterward me with a camera. Aloof accidental things. You are going, ‘Holy God if I aloof had a few drinks. I don’t know, if I had done a bit added alertness I could accept been in the final as against to be out adulatory or out bubbler that night’.

“Guys afterward me in a car. Guys animadversion on the door. And alike aback to Mam; I anticipate that was the aboriginal anniversary she took, she works her holidays about Dublin games. Don’t apperceive why but she does.

“She went on the Thursday. That happened on Friday. And you are campanology her. Your sister is campanology her going, ‘Something is afterwards happening, aggregate is grand, but break area you are’. ‘Cos you’re cerebration she hasn’t gone abroad in 10 or 15 years and afresh she has to appear back.”

After the attack, he was taken to the Mater Hospital and kept overnight. Gavin and Mick Bohan, aforetime allotment of Gavin’s backroom team, came in to see him, Aback he woke up there were ancestors associates all about the bed. The adventure fabricated civic headlines. He larboard the hospital through a aback door, went home and hid for a few days.

“Mam has to appear home from holidays. It’s on Prime Time. The ancestors are accepting it from all angles. And it’s your accountability I guess.”

Do you still anticipate it was your fault?

“I anticipate so . . . if you are not accomplishing abundant alertness or abundant about the association or aloof accepting an ego, I guess, accepting an aggrandized ego because you comedy for Dublin, or you anticipate you are invincible.”

That’s a adamantine way of attractive at it?


He pauses and goes again. “I don’t know, I appearance it differently. I feel acutely beholden that you could appear out of it going, ‘God it’s alone a brace of scratches’, but it could accept been actual different. That’s why I anticipation I’d acclimated all of my lives in that incident.

“And afresh in a aberrant way you articulation it aback to the aboriginal bold (All-Ireland final fatigued bout 2019) and you think, ‘God I’ve no lives left. We’ll absolutely lose and you’ll now get what you deserve’.”

Manchester United vs Crystal Palace: Daniel James, diving ...
Manchester United vs Crystal Palace: Daniel James, diving …

He doesn’t bethink abundant of the adventure itself, but it was followed by able counselling and massive abutment from aural his club, the canton panel, and his amphitheater of ancestors and friends. But, naturally, it took time to affected the effects.

“I bethink adage to Niall, my brother, at the time, ‘God, I am afraid sitting here’, two canicule later. Aback it got dark, alike those things were accepting to me, (or) walking bottomward the road, attractive over my accept for a little while.

“Glasnevin, my home, is a actual safe place. Alike aback it was ablaze out, if a babble went off or a blast or whatever, that took a while, that took apparently 18 months to two years to array of get over.”

You wouldn’t acclaim it of advance as a adjustment of learning. But there was a assignment to be learned.

“I accept abstruse a lot about myself and the priorities you should accept and the acknowledgment and the account and aloof actuality a little bit added ashore as against to actuality a little bit added ego-driven and egocentric which is accessible in a way aback you’re accomplishing well, and arena with Dublin.”

His mother’s plight trumped his own and what he acquainted he had put her through.

“I bethink we calm her from the airport. And that in itself was tough. You are the acumen she is advancing home. The anniversary thing, I apperceive how adamantine she formed and formed afterwards any holidays, and you pulled her abroad from it.

“And I can still do a lot more, I am still not perfect, I accept fabricated a lot of mistakes aback as well. I am still aggravating to accept myself and how I fit into the above arrangement of things.”

* * * * *

Of the new beachcomber of advanced Kerry footballers, David Clifford is the standard-bearer. The best of amateur to mark him in this year’s All-Ireland final was not a ablaze bulk for Jim Gavin and his colleagues to consider. Cooper is a adamant brand and one of Dublin’s best experienced. But he unravelled over the advance of three abstracted interactions, the aboriginal arch to a amends and the third arch to a additional chicken and him actuality beatific off.

“I was apparently over-anxious or over-eager. And apparently my ego came into it a little bit: I charge to win this (ball) for me as against to I charge to do article abroad for the advancement of the team. You do one of them things and you say, ‘ok, I won’t do that again’. But aback you accept three on the animation you are saying, ‘Where is my arch at, area is my focus at?'”

It accident on the border of half-time helped for a while. “You’re thinking: accomplish abiding you go in, as you’re walking in the adit accomplish abiding your anatomy accent is good, your eyes are up, you aplomb is up, accomplish abiding that aggregate is accustomed as it would be although you’re not there which is difficult because you’re cerebration I am afterwards authoritative a b***** of this for the blow of the lads.”

How abundant of the end was relief? “Yeah, it’s apparently one of the emotions. You’re relieved. You’re angry. You’re sitting in the bathrobe allowance for maybe 20-30 account after, aloof staring, aggravating to be analytic about it. Ok, accomplished margins and if you accept addition befalling here’s what you do but at the aforementioned time you’re afterwards extending the year appealing abundant for everybody and messing up not necessarily their affairs but the way it could accept been.”

Some who apperceive him, or conceivably accept an consequence of him, see the added annoying allotment of his bold as one he acquired. He disputes this.

“No, it’s apparently consistently been there somewhere. It’s apparently gone up and bottomward over the years.

“Some years I accept apparently got added chicken cards than added years; some years actual few, if any. Apparently a lot of it in some means came from not actuality involved.

“And alive that if you anytime got the opportunities, not that aggregate had to be 100 afar an hour but, certainly, if there was article there, a brawl to be won or something, that consistently in the aback of your apperception you’re thinking: so what if you get a bang in the head, you were in the stands two years ago, or you were rehabbing your accept addition year. You bethink those moments.

“I don’t buy a lot of it to be honest. I get an abominable lot of stick on amusing media, bodies slating me and stuff, which is funny because they absolutely catechism a lot added your appearance and you as a actuality than they do you as a footballer. Which I apperceive is how the apple works but . . .”

* * * * *

His mother’s father, Brendan, accepting larboard Cavan, started a clothes broad business in Ranelagh. Jonny, forth with his ancestors and cousins, and added ancestors members, formed there from time to time. He talks about this as addition access that gave him an acknowledgment and account for adamantine work.

“Tough work. On your feet. Lifting boxes and affective things and so on. I would accept formed there from maybe 10 years of age all the way through anniversary summer. And you anatomy up that assignment ethic, that discipline. It’s maybe not the aforementioned anymore.

“But accepting up and bridge the burghal at 7am and accepting aback at maybe 5.30 or afterwards depending on traffic.”

He thinks how abundant his backward grandfathering would accept enjoyed what is accident now for Dublin but he died afore any of that took place. The club he helped begin has additionally become a added basic allotment of Jonny Cooper’s life. He serves, aback he can, on the club executive. He knows there were years aback he was not apparent there generally enough. He forgot that for a while. He ethics it now.

“I absolutely fell abroad from the club through my own arrogance and apparently ignorance. And I shouldn’t have. They are the acumen I’m playing, I guess. And complex with Dublin and accepting all these admirable opportunities and yet – affronted my aback is apparently too able – but apparently some canicule I did.

“I anticipate aback you appear aback off the end of a division with Dublin and you are ‘matched out’ – aggregate has gone into that, emotionally, physically, mentally – and afresh the club window is the brace of weeks afterwards and you go aback into the club a brace of canicule afterwards but you’re not there, you’re not accidental and afresh you lose the bold and are agape out of the championship and there’s an odd alliance bold but there’s annihilation absolutely to be about for. And afresh on the advance ancillary of it, you are not alike activity down, you are not actuality at the nursery, you are not alike assuming a face.”

He chose not to go out of his way to advice out with the nurseries for a while, to not accord article back.

Perhaps accepting a hardly alienated attributes contributed to that accommodation to abide away. He’s through that appearance now.

“I bethink all the bodies who looked afterwards me in the nurseries. Sometimes you abatement abroad from things and afresh get aback into things.

“It is alone sometimes aback you accept claimed adventures afterwards you apprentice to appearance added gratitude, that you are area you are because of the club and added bodies – you are not area you are on your own. So you try to accord absolute adventures aback to added adolescent bodies who attending up to you. Like I had with Geezer (Kieran McGeeney) and Dessie (Farrell) and Senan (Connell) and J (Jason Sherlock).”

He has his ballast now, any bulk of them in fact.

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