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Neil Patrick Harris is an actor, singer, producer, writer, father, bedmate and … magician?

MAGIC LOVE - Valentines Day Greeting Card. Happy Valentines ...
MAGIC LOVE – Valentines Day Greeting Card. Happy Valentines …

Come to acquisition out, Harris has a brace tricks up his sleeve.

He says growing up in New Mexico, he was “smitten” by his bounded abracadabra shop, Fool’s Paradise. He’d save up his allowance, arch to the store, and banal up on cards and tricks.

Ever aback then, he’s been activity out of his way to “produce, promote, arise and flash the spotlight assimilate abracadabra and magicians.”

Now, over the advance of three books, Harris has been administration his adulation of abracadabra with adolescent developed readers. The third atypical in his “Magic Misfits” alternation hit the shelves this month.

Like the aboriginal two, “The Abracadabra Misfits: The Minor Third” is arranged with intrigue, villains, abracadabra and accord amid rag-tag, tween-aged protagonists.

“Reading and articulacy and abstract and the concrete book has consistently been article that’s been absolutely important to me growing up,” he says, “and as a parent, alike added so.”

On how autograph adolescent developed novels fits into his career

“I anticipate because I accept such awe-inspiring brand that affectionate of run all over the place, putting calm a average brand fiction alternation was absolutely area my academician generally sits. I had aloof able and was accomplishing “A Alternation of Unfortunate Events,” Daniel Handler’s alternation that he bound as Lemony Snicket and I accustomed his adeptness to not alone acquaint a absolute blood-tingling adventure but to be able to admit absorbing book anatomy and a faculty of amusement and a vocabulary, so there was some apprenticeship involved. This is array of my booty on that. I apperceive magic. I animate in a apple acquisitive that it’s immersive amphitheater and that it’s David Fincher’s ‘The Game’ and somehow someone’s activity to cull me abreast and say, ‘Quick! We charge your help. You accept to alleviate this aperture application this aggregate and there’s a abstruse access and central will be an envelope and it’ll be apparent and again added instructions to come.’ Like that’s how I would adulation my activity to live. And so this is affectionate of my adaptation of that for able average brand kids.”

On adulatory assortment in his series

“While that’s intentional, for those that haven’t apprehend the aboriginal two books, it’s not article that I capital to do and accept it be the moral of the story. In actuality what I anticipate is nice about this account akin is that you can advise and you’re teaching a accumulation who are absolute afraid to be individuals and additionally to fit in. So it’s a abundant duality. It’s a complicated one because you don’t appetite to be singled out because it’s awkward because you appetite to fit in, but you don’t appetite to aloof be one of abounding because you’re appropriate and different and you appetite to angle out. And so abracadabra is a abundant befalling to advise a amusement that array of is that. Abracadabra by architecture is not the football amateur and accumulation sports. It’s a little added introspective. You accept to convenance and you accept to abstraction it and again you get to accomplish it. It’s a little potentially awkward to be assuming in advanced of added bodies but again you accept potentially bewitched abilities that bodies are afflicted by. If you can do that and additionally accept the alone dynamics be absolute different in their own way but all of that is array of couched in a faculty of normalcy. These are the facts.

“We’re not activity to sit too abysmal in the actuality that Leila, the escape artisan girl, is adopted. We apprentice about her acceptance and how she came to be through the artifice of the adventure but it’s not a adventure about acceptance and what it agency to accept not had bearing parents. I did a thing, aback it’s four books and there’s four apparel of a accouter and I adulation magic, anniversary book looks like a arena calendar if you attending at it with a anorak on. And so the aboriginal book involves chunk because the advocate Carter meets this accumulation in this boondocks alleged Mineral Wells and there’s a behemothic design that’s on affectation and the carnival bang-up B.B. Bosso is aggravating to abduct said diamond. And the additional book and the additional clothing is about clubs and so it involves Leila, who is an escape artist, lives with Mr. Vernon and the abracadabra boutique buyer and his bedmate the added Mr. Vernon and they apprentice that there’s a beyond club that Mr. Vernon was already a allotment of alleged the Emerald Ring. So the third book that’s aloof advancing out is based on hearts. Theo Stein-Meyer is a violinist and a biggy one at that. You can additionally use his violin bow to accomplish things levitate. And so he’s accepting to chase his affection now in this book and amount out area his passions lie.”

On the abstruse abaft calendar abracadabra tricks

“Well I will say this, as a magician, longtime affiliate of the bewitched groups, the Academy of Bewitched Arts, admiral of area the abracadabra alcazar is for three years, I would be behindhand to on National Public Radio betrayal how a abracadabra ambush is accomplished. But I will say that there are techniques and your admirers will apparently accept already array of ample out what a key calendar assumption would be. You don’t accept to necessarily apperceive what, say, the top calendar of the accouter is if you may accept taken a blink at the basal calendar and then, say, were to cut the deck. You ability be able to ascertain what the calendar either beneath it or aloft it could potentially be. And now see, but here’s the affair about abracadabra right, so that’s the account of the trick. But if addition were to do a ambush and aloof say, ‘Take a card, put on the top of the deck, I’m gonna cut the cards, I’m gonna cast it over and fan through them. Was this your card?’ It’s not an abundantly absorbing trick. So allotment of what is fun about abracadabra is the conception of the aftereffect about that appealing simple idea.”

On how abracadabra seeped into his childhood

“I grew up in a baby boondocks in New Mexico and I grew up in a time aback there wasn’t a lot to do but watch TV and I grew up at a time aback Doug Henning was still accomplishing annual abracadabra specials and David Copperfield, who would accomplish the Statue of Liberty abandon and airing through the Abundant Wall of China. He would accomplish an Orient Express alternation car, that’s amidst by bodies captivation easily and covered with a cloth, bewitch and again vanish. And I was absorbed to the TV but I didn’t absolutely apperceive how to do it. I would go to the library and I would get books and apprehend them and apprentice how to do calendar tricks and things. But the able packet tricks and things that acclimated props, I didn’t absolutely accept until I got to Albuquerque and there was a abracadabra boutique alleged Fool’s Paradise … On the ride home, I would accessible up the instructions and that’s the alone way you can apprentice the secret. The attempt abaft it are cerebral in abounding means and appropriate persistence, backbone [and] convenance and I aloof anticipate it’s a abundant array art to not lose.”

On acting and assuming magic

“There’s a big affiliation amid abracadabra and acting. And I anticipate analogously there’s abracadabra in a lot of the things that we aloof do in our in our circadian interactions. Because if you anticipate about it aback you’re watching a archimage accomplish a trick, he’s answer the facts of what’s happening, ‘Pick a calendar you’re activity to put it in the deck. I’ll drag the deck. The calendar is absent in the deck. I’m activity to accomplish it arise in an absorbing way.’ But those are facts that he’s aloof answer to you. Those may not be the absolute facts. And so in assuming there are facts of a calligraphy but you’re able to act about it and and ample it in. There are facts of things that appear and it’s our job as bodies to action what those facts beggarly to you and and adorn aloft it.”

Neil Patrick Harris on the afterlife of archimage Ricky Jay in 2018. Jay was an American date magician, and additionally an amateur and writer. A New Yorker contour alleged him “perhaps the best able conjuration of duke artisan alive.” He died at the age of 72. The audio is below. 

By Neil Patrick Harris

Theo Stein-Meyer generally dreamed about flying.

Love Is Magic Spanish-Language Love Card
Love Is Magic Spanish-Language Love Card

The dreams would activate with him lying in his bed, his parents comatose aloof bottomward the hall. Then, as if by magic, he would acquisition himself levitating several inches over his mattress. He would float over to his window, draw up the sash, again cull himself headfirst out into the night. Aerial and aerial and bouncing in the sky came to him as artlessly as it did to his pet doves in the pen abaft his house. He would artlessly clasp article abysmal central his mind, and his anatomy would go.

Up! Up! Up! And further still, up!

Directing himself through the sky, Theo acquainted aloof like he did while arena his violin—making melodies that skipped and flurried and broken the air. Aerial additionally reminded him of application his abracadabra bow to accomplish altar acceleration and ball in advanced of afraid audiences. You see, music and abracadabra were Theo’s two abundant loves. And he admired activity best aback he could do both at the aforementioned time. On contempo nights, however, his night-flying dreams had angry sinister. A atramentous amount confused through the boondocks beneath Theo, a alpine man in a top hat and cape, whose face was hidden in darkness. He was bit-by-bit through alleys and analytical into houses. From way up high, Theo could apprehend him whispering abstruse enchantments that would accomplish bodies do bad things.

The man’s name was Kalagan, and he was amenable for abundant of the agitation Theo and his accompany had faced together. The absolute Kalagan was a mesmerist who had lived in Mineral Wells continued ago, but his henchmen had appeared in boondocks several times over the summer, attempting to backpack out his abominable agenda, alone to be baffled by the Abracadabra Misfits. Theo feared that Kalagan would anon acknowledgment to Mineral Wells to accord with the Misfits himself.

In the dream, Theo swooped lower in the sky to eavesdrop on Kalagan, who had confused into the dark- ness of an alley. The caliginosity amid barrio seemed to abound darker, added dangerous, and the man’s whispering grew louder.


Kalagan was talking about Theo and his friends!

The mesmerist aback aerated about and accomplished up a duke against the aerial Theo, who shrieked as Kalagan abject him bottomward against the ground.“Must! Stop! Magic! Misfits!” the villain shouted.

Theo woke with a start, circuitous in his bedding and asthmatic for breath. He struggled to chargeless himself, demography abysmal breaths to calm down. He confused shakily to his window, area ablaze at the band of copse abreast the border was bringing the late-summer morning to life. Was Kalagan about nearby, attractive aback at him? Everything was quiet, but Theo knew the calmness would aftermost alone so long. (This is how the apple works, afterwards all.) But for now, he accustomed it to bleed into his bark and affluence him aback to sleep.

Later that day, Mineral Wells was alert and buzzing. Cars circled the centermost of town, casual bizarre shops and stands while drivers looked for a attenuate parking space. Families strolled bottomward sidewalks, while men in apparel and women in acute dresses darted in and out of the boondocks anteroom and the courthouse.

The air was balmy and hardly humid, but an casual breeze kept anybody comfortable. If the association and visitors listened closely, they could apprehend a melody agitated by that breeze—a active flit played on a violin. The artist was a boy dressed in a tuxedo, who had aggregate with his accompany at the gazebo in the boondocks blooming to convenance for the accessible Mineral Wells aptitude show.

Theo danced his bow beyond the strings. His accompany Carter, Leila, Ridley, Olly, and Izzy were continuing to the sides. At Theo’s feet, a teddy buck hopped and hovered as if it had been bugged to life. Aback Theo sped up the waltz, the buck bounced added quickly, and aback Theo slowed, the buck followed dreamily, as if listening.

As the song neared its climax, the buck began to acceleration up in advanced of Theo. One foot, two feet, three, four! And as Theo played the final note, he aerated his violin and bow to the ancillary as he accomplished out tocatch the buck with his added hand. At the aftermost moment, however, Theo’s eyes bent on a darkly dressed amount in the distance, and his anchor bankrupt on abandoned air. It looked aloof like the angry man from his dreams.



“Hey, Theo!”

Theo blinked and looked about to acquisition his accompany staring at him. He shivered, borderline if his eyes had been arena tricks on him.

“What happened?” Ridley asked, her red curls cavernous as she befuddled her head. “That was so acceptable up until the end!”

“I apologize,” Theo answered, his cheeks flushing.

“My apperception wandered.”

Hallmark Mahogany Anniversary Card or Love Card for Significant Other  (Black Love Magic)
Hallmark Mahogany Anniversary Card or Love Card for Significant Other (Black Love Magic)

“All our minds accept been accomplishing that lately,” Leila said, walking over to clasp Theo’s bend in support. “My apperception hasn’t alone been wandering,” said Olly.

“It’s been absolutely exploring!”

“Hiking!” proclaimed his accompanying sister, Izzy. “Spelunking!”

“My apperception took a steamer address to Antarctica,” Izzy said with a grin.

“My apperception became accompany with arctic bears!” Olly countered.

“Wrong continent,” Ridley said, acid the twins off. She apprenticed a button on her wheelchair and a “wrong answer!” buzzer vibrated the gazebo. Again she smiled.

“The Abracadabra Misfits accept been through a lot,” said Carter. “It’s accept to accept agitation apperception sometimes, Theo.”

Ridley sighed. “Not apperception isn’t activity to advice us win the aptitude show. We’ve got to break focused. That award-winning money is annihilation to belittle at.”

The Mineral Wells Aptitude Appearance was beneath than two weeks away, and abounding association of the boondocks had already active up to appearance off operatic voices, hula dances, tightrope walks, gymnastic routines, address recitations, and more.

“Who’s scoffing?” said Carter. “It’s added money than I’ve anytime seen. If we win, I’ll assuredly be able to pay anybody aback for all their advice aback I came to Mineral Wells. And if there’s any money larboard over, I’m get- ting one of those adorned cabinets that acclaimed magicians use to accomplish bodies abandon on stage!”

“You don’t owe anybody anything,” Leila argued aback at her cousin.

“Except maybe a smile now and then. If we win, I’m accepting a Leila-sized baptize catchbasin so I can convenance captivation my animation while breaking out of my straitjacket.”

“Me and Olly are gonna get a brace pairs of the shiniest aureate tap shoes the world’s anytime seen,” Izzy jumped in.

“Speak for yourself, sis,” Olly replied. “I’d rather buy myself some acquaint in date action so I’ll be accessible for the abutting time we accept to action Kalagan’s goons.”

“Why not aloof booty absolute action lessons?” asked Rid- ley, rolling her eyes. “Then you’ll be accessible for fights that appear off date too.”

Olly’s eyes lit up. “That’s a abundant idea!”

Ridley gave him a baby nod. “With that award-winning money, I’d advancement my wheelchair with the new accessories I’ve been alive on. I could alike accomplish it transform.

Excerpted from “The Abracadabra Misfits: The Minor Third” by Neil Patrick Harris. Copyright © 2019 by Neil Patrick Harris. Republished with permission of Little, Brown Books for Adolescent Readers.

Karyn Miller-Medzon produced and edited this account for advertisement with Kathleen McKenna. Serena McMahon adapted it for the web. 

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What To Make – DIY Love Magic Color Changing Card
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